The apprenticeship program has been a positive experience for North Valley Hospital (NVH) as a facility and our apprentice as an employee. Our apprentice came from Flathead Valley Community College groomed and energized to move forward with more education and skills training. We have been able to utilize this person in a variety of roles within our Revenue Cycle and we continue to look at other opportunities where NVH can promote growth with the apprenticeship program.
— Tesa Topley, North Valley Hospital, Whitefish


Apprenticeship is a time-tested, “earn while you learn” strategy with a combination of on-the-job training, related instruction online or in a classroom, mentorship, and incremental wage increases. Successful students earn a nationally recognized credential.  Employers work with the Registered Apprenticeship Program to identify competencies, timelines, and related coursework.

Image of Registered Apprenticeship Programs in MT

Image of Registered Apprenticeship Programs in MT


“The biggest challenge that I faced and continue to face is finding quality people that I believe would be great candidates to run through the apprentice program. HealthCARE MT provided our small facility that is located in a small community with the tools to access resources statewide. HealthCARE MT walked me through each step and answered any and all of my questions that I had setting up and finalizing our apprentice program.”
— JoAnne Heppler, Mountain View Care Center, Ronan, MT

The MT Department of Labor & Industry released the 2016 Apprenticeship Report.  To view, please click the button below:

  • Build a Pipeline of Skilled Workers
  • Gain Workers with Customized Skills
  • Cost Effective Training Methods
  • Boost Retention and Positive Return on Investment
  • Train Employees in Their Home Communities


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If you believe that your facility would benefit from pursuing an apprenticeship, please contact: 

Statewide Apprenticeship Supervisor

Western Montana Apprenticeship Coordinator

Central Montana Apprenticeship Coordinator

Eastern Montana Apprenticeship Coordinator