CNA Specialty Courses

HealthCARE Montana will develop three specialty courses for Certified Nurse Aids. These include Restorative Care, Dementia and Excellence in Care Giving. These courses will help long term care and other healthcare facilities in Montana professionalize their workforce and improve employee retention. Interested two-year colleges could put these programs online and market them directly to facilities across the state. For more information, contact

Restorative Care (which is available now at no cost!) is an 80-hour course that includes several clinical procedures and can lead to a national certification in Restorative Care.

Dementia will be a 60 to 80-hour course, backed by the latest dementia research, with the aim to help CNAs work compassionately and knowledgeably with dementia patients.  It should be ready for distribution in late 2017.

Excellence in Care Giving will be an 80-hour module that includes units in mentoring, success skills, attitudes and behavior, legal issues, and more.  The course will be ready for distribution in spring 2018.

For more information, please contact Natalie Peeterse at: