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... those discussions would have gone nowhere without the enthusiasm and leadership of our directors and faculty including Mary McHugh, Dave Gurchiek and Lonnie Schrag. Also, critical has been the support of our industry partners at Billings Clinic and St. Vincent’s Hospital and Omnicell, Inc. our donor for equipment. So the entire process with Pharm Tech has been comprehensive teamwork.
— Clifford Coppersmith, City College CEO
I am thrilled that we have collaborative administrators who see the value of course sharing. Cliff has been inclusive and eager to get “the ball rolling.” I am impressed that Cliff has already hired the lab instructor who will begin teaching this fall and he has empowered her to learn and plan and to be prepared for the program. It has been an absolute delight working with all involved.
— Mary McHugh, Missoula College Pharmacy Tech Program Director

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