EdReady Montana

About EdReady Montana

EdReady Montana is a program for all students in Montana from middle school through college who want to:

  • prepare for upcoming local math classes or curriculum
  • supplement their skills while taking a math calss
  • revisit possible gaps in general math skills
  • become better prepared for college math
  • practice math skills needed for a desired career path
  • study and review math concepts for a standardized exam

Students can be signed up in the following ways:

  • through their secondary school
  • through their college campus
  • through their adult basic education center
  • as an individual

Funded by a generous gift from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, Montana Digital Academy (MTDA) will bring the EdReady program to the State of Montana as the first state in the country to deploy EdReady to their students!

To visit the website, click the button below:

For more information, see the official press release here: 

To sign up for a free EdReady account, contact your local Healthcare Transformation Specialist by clicking the link below:

To set up a free account if you are not attending a college, contact your regional Healthcare Career Coach by clicking the link below: