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Working with HealthCARE Montana is assisting us to train and retain health care workers from our community who will be committed to our facility.
— Jo Ann Hibl, VP of Senior & Long Term Care, Northeast Montana Health Service - Wolf Point, MT

So what is in it for you?  Partner with HealthCARE Montana and other employers to help address your workforce challenges:

  • Recruit potential employees from your own community
  • Develop and sponsor apprenticeships to create your "home grown" workforce
  • Build a pipeline of workers with customized skills that fit your needs
  • Identify priority distance education opportunities 
  • Help design health care curriculum

For a comprehensive list of our employer partners:

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For a list of healthcare programs available throughout the state:

Hosting a nursing student?  Check out the new pdf handbook!

Interested in becoming a partner?  send us an email and let us know how we can help!

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