Allied Health Core Curriculum

Two of the curricular objectives of Healthcare Montana are to increase the opportunities for healthcare students to build on their academic training (laddering) and to decrease the barriers in transferring between healthcare programs (latticing). The key to achieving both objectives is to identify the common set of healthcare competencies shared by all programs and to then incorporate those competencies within the healthcare program curricula.

To identify these healthcare competencies, HealthCARE Montana convened the 35 member Allied Healthcare Core Curriculum Design Team. The Design Team had representatives from all 15 campuses and included program directors, faculty, and healthcare employers beginning in November 2015. The Design Team identified the allied healthcare competencies for the academic foundations and the core curriculum that span all the allied healthcare fields delivered in the 15 campus consortium. The foundational and core competencies have been finalized with extensive feedback from faculty, campus leadership and employers.

The next steps are to implement the Montana Core Curriculum model to be adopted by the 15 consortium campuses within their Allied Healthcare programs. This will ensure consistent program prerequisites and core competencies both across programs and campuses. This will provide clearly defined educational pathways within allied healthcare fields and reduce the costs for student transfer between programs through a common set of courses. 

For more information about the Allied Health Core Curriculum Modifications, contact:

Neil Moisey