Mike Hartman

Image of Mike Hartman

Image of Mike Hartman

Healthcare Transformation Specialist
Chief Dull Knife College

Mike comes to us from his consulting work including his current teaching of an online course in Social Work at Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Mike Hartman received his masters and doctorate degrees at University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. He has clinical experience with substance abuse, children, adolescents and families. He worked at University of Texas and University of Denver as a professor of social work. He served in administrative roles for student affairs and Career Pathways at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Mike worked on Allied Health grants and Title III grants as Principal Investigator and Director in such faraway places as Barrow, Alaska and the Marshall Islands. In his role as director of Career Pathways, he participated in a state-wide collaboration between Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Labor for TANF recipients where he managed a program designed to obtain high paying, high demand jobs through college training at the associates level.