Making good career decisions involves identifying jobs at the intersection of occupations and your personal interests, values, skills, and abilities.  Montana Career Information System can help you find this “sweet spot” when you complete assessments (not tests!) to learn more about who you really are.  MCIS will not tell you “what to be when you grow up,” but it will generate options you may have not yet considered.



Use the web address above to access MCIS:
Username:  HealthCARE
Password:  HealthCARE2015

Then create a portfolio (your own username/password) where you will save results of career assessments.  You’ll also find education programs and scholarships, and locate jobs related to your certificate or degree!

Interest Profiler:  Organize your interests into broad categories of work.  Don’t worry if some of the 180 activities are unfamiliar or require training you don’t have; don’t worry about status or salary and don’t over-think your responses.  Remember that while all careers are open to everyone, some are a better fit for you.

SKILLS:  Choose “Select Skills” to explore occupations that match your self-assessed skills and recognize how you can transfer your skills between occupations.  See “Top 30 Occupations” for more ideas.

Work Importance Locator:  “Place the Cards” to identify your work values and the jobs that match them, organized by career
cluster; then click to view job descriptions, education required, and potential wages.  The more a job agrees with your work values, the more likely you are to be satisfied in that job. 

For more information, please contact Natalie at