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Montana Tech has nearly 3,000 students, 13 campus buildings and offers 73 undergraduate degrees along with 18 minors, 14 certification degrees, and 10 pre-professional career programs. Montana Tech also offers various graduate degrees, and is one of only two public institutions in the state to offer a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The Montana Tech Nursing program offers two degrees:

·      Bachelor of Science in Nursing (four-year degree)

·      Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Completion)

The Montana Tech Nursing Program believes the profession of nursing is best served through highly educated members who continually strive to broaden their knowledge and expertise to meet the increasing demands of the health care environment. We believe in a holistic approach to nursing education, including sensitivity to the physical, psychological, spiritual and sociocultural needs of the individual, family and community. Further, we strive for a continually evolving curriculum that reflects best practice.

Kerry Lombard is the current Montana Tech ASMT President, and a senior in the Montana Tech Nursing Program.

“Montana Tech is represented by a well-educated and supportive faculty who have created a positive learning environment for all Tech students. I truly feel that by attending Montana Tech I am receiving a quality education.

I chose the BSN degree because of my passion for people and education. I believe that an intricate part of quality patient care lies with a nurse’s willingness to learn and obtain new, evidence-based knowledge. The BSN degree at Montana Tech has helped me to grow as an RN, a leader and a patient educator.”

Montana Tech offers a degree in Health Care Informatics, which was the first undergraduate program offered in the United States.  Students can earn either an Associate of Applied Science, a Bachelor’s of Science, or an online Graduate Certificate program.


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