Guest opinion: montana's workforce innovators - 6/22/2017

"Thousands of students and hundreds of employers in Montana received national honors last week at a White House summit on innovative workforce development and apprenticeship training. Montana was one of the 11 states invited to the event with President Trump, who signed an executive order to increase federal grant funding available for apprenticeship programs."

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New nursing apprenticeship program helps fill baby-boomer gap - 6/22/2017

"HELENA – As baby-boomers get older, the healthcare industry has to deal with more patients and fewer care-givers."

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Governor signs apprenticeship tax credit program bill - 6/1/2017

"Gov. Steve Bullock held a ceremonial bill signing in Great Falls on Thursday for his apprenticeship tax credit program, which he hopes will encourage businesses to grow, create jobs and build employee skills."

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HealthCARE Montana:  Creating access to rural education & employment - Lewistown Argus, 2/15/2017

"There is a major healthcare workforce shortage in rural and frontier Montana.  In nursing alone, Montana is expected to have a deficit of 1,160 nurses by 2025."

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HealthCARE Montana:  Revising Nursing Curriculum to Meet Student and Workforce Needs

"HealthCARE Montana addresses changing healthcare standards and shortages in nursing by creating quality educational pathways that students can enter and exit efficiently and gain employment more rapidly."

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Forging job-skills partnerships - federal reserve bank of minneapolis gazette, 1/19/2017

"In the health care industry, where clinical experience is an essential part of students’ preparation, providers are developing especially close working relationships with colleges."

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On the job, and up the ladder - federal reserve bank of minneapolis gazette, 1/19/2017

"Health care workers are in especially short supply in Montana, which according to the U.S. Census has the highest median age among district states. Some health care facilities in the state pay $1 million a year for the services of traveling certified nurse aides and other contract workers, said Valerie Piet, Montana’s health care apprenticeship supervisor. This is not only costly, but also disrupts patient-provider relationships, she said."

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How To Cure a Billings RN Training Headache - Billings Gazette, 2/16/2016

"There's a widespread misunderstanding that a student can't get a nursing degree in Billings.  In fact, City College of Montana State University Billings awarded 31 licensed practical nurse degrees and 41 associate registered nurse degrees in the 2014-2105 academic year..."

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Where To Look When Considering a Career in Healthcare - Billings Gazette, 12/1/2015

"When people think about choosing careers, an interesting job and a healthy paycheck are usualy near the top of their wish list.  Health care careers may offer both.  Talking to a career coach through HealthCARE Montana is one way to get started on your job search.  HealthCARE Montana connects prospective health care workers with training and jobs.  Coaches in Area Health Education Centers based in Billings, Helena, Miles City, and Missoula travel within their region to meet with future learners."

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Remedies for Montana's Nurse Shortage - Billings Gazette, 9/1/2015

"Our state is soon to have one of the oldest populations in the nation. At the same time, Montana is sees a continued exodus of young adults leaving our state to start their careers.

Fortunately, Montana health care and higher education leaders have been working to meet this challenge.

The Montana University System has partnered with almost 39 other Montana organizations to upgrade health care training opportunities. That workforce building project is facilitated by a $14.9 million federal grant that involves all two-year units of the MUS along with the state’s tribal colleges."

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HealthCARE Montana Grant Interview -, 7/31/2015

Watch Mary Helgeson and Pat Reuss from RiverStone Health talk about the HealthCARE Montana grant to help adults get certifications in health care for employment from two-year colleges.  There is a high demand in health care workers.

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Program Aims to Help 2,500 Montanans Earn Degrees in the Medical Field - Billings Gazette, 7/21/2015

"As Montana’s population ages, the state’s health care industry expects to add about 1,300 jobs each year for the next seven years. At its center, HealthCARE Montana is a collaborative effort to help recruit, train and place a new generation of Montana workers in lucrative health care careers. During the next three years, HealthCARE Montana expects to help nearly 2,500 Montanans earn degrees in nursing and allied health professions."

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