Health Professions Career Coaches

The mental and physical support from my career coach has made such a huge difference in my life. I would have never known all this was possible without her. She came with me to the job service which led to getting my school paid for and is always there when I need her.
— Debora, Student

Healthcare Transformation Specialists

Faculty members do not often have the luxury to reach out to health care facilities to explore statewide trends, industry needs, and how our education and training can best meet those needs. Having the healthcare transformation specialist serve as a liaison and organizer in this sense has proven extremely beneficial, and has opened doors for our Rad Tech program (and others) in several ways.
— Dan Funsch, Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator

Workforce Coordinators

The ideas we have developed because of our conversations with HealthCARE MT staff had allowed us to advance to a point where we currently do not require CNA traveling staff to meet the needs of our residents. These ideas are reproducible at any location in rural America. It is this kind of out of the box thinking that is going to keep rural facilities viably staffed into the future.
— Christen Obresley, Administrator, Northern MT Care Center

Apprenticeship Specialists

Through HealthCARE Montana, a state program funded by a $15 million grant from the Department of Labor, she (Valerie Piet) has helped create apprenticeships for certified nurse aides, pharmacy technicians, medication aides and assisted living administrators, with more in the works.
— Ann Harrington, Minneapolis Federal Gazette

Project Management Team

What We've Achieved

  • Served roughly 1,700 students
  • Created a collaborative network between 15 campuses, 155 healthcare programs and over 200 healthcare employers
  • Reduced time (20-25% shorter) and cost ($8,300 saved for PN and ASN education
  • Developed common nursing curriculum with accelerated pathway for LPN & RN-BSN with some distance delivery
  • Created new CNA specialty certificates for onsite and online CNA programs
  • Partnered with MT Department of Labor & Industry to create groundbreaking healthcare apprenticeships
  • Potentially created 300% increase in PN grads - 94 grads in revised programs at 5 colleges