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In an era of unprecedented expansion and change in the health care industry, the University of Montana Western provides an education in formats that fit into your busy life.

·  Online, on-campus, full-time and part-time options.  "We’ll meet you where you are.”

·  Opportunities to receive credit for prior academic or professional experience

·  Unique learning experience. We are the only public four-year college in the nation offering block scheduling. We call this innovative program Experience One or "X1" for short.  Here’s how it works: You take a single class at a time, three hours each day for 18 days before moving on to the next. Taking four classes or “blocks” during the semester, you’ll earn the same amount of credit as under traditional multiple class systems.

If you are interested in entering or advancing in the fast-growing field of heath care, the University of Montana Western programs in Health Sciences can help prepare you for a variety of health care careers.  

Programs Offered:

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Healthcare Career Coach


Emily Lindquist

Healthcare Transformation Specialist



Bethanie Wharton