Bonner, MT Alcohol and Drug Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder and/or co-occurring mental health disorders, it is recommended that you seek addiction treatment and recovery services. This will typically take the form of drug detox followed by either inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment.

Drug Detoxification

The goal of drug detox in Bonner is to ensure that you take the first step on the recovery journey. As long as you are dependent on any drug or to alcohol, you first have to go through detox.

Through this program, you will be able to receive the medical services that you need to reduce and eliminate your physical dependence on drugs, as well as deal with any other withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings that might arise.

Detox is particularly recommended if you are addicted to alcohol, opioids, and hypnotic/sedatives like benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. This is because these substances could potentially lead to the development of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Treatment Options

Once you have been through a successful drug detox program in Bonner, MT and you have managed your withdrawal symptoms effectively, it is recommended that you seek further addiction recovery services. These will ideally come in the form of inpatient and outpatient drug rehab.

When you choose an inpatient addiction treatment program, you will be required to live at the recovery center so that you can receive the evidence based therapy and counselling services that you require. Spending long in such a program could potentially increase your ability to overcome your addiction.

You can also seek treatment on an outpatient basis. In this case, you won't have to stay at the recovery center. Instead, you can schedule your treatments several times every week - a couple of hours each time.

Overall, both inpatient and outpatient drug rehabs are ideal for overcoming substance abuse related problems. You should undergo thorough assessment so that you are able to choose the form of addiction treatment that would be most ideal for you.

Bonner, MT has a population of 1,088 and is in the Mountain (GMT -7) time zone. 51.29 % is male while 48.71 % is female. The average age of residents in Bonner is 39.7. The average employment rate in Bonner is 64.81 % while 3.67 % are unemployed. Bonner boasts an average $39,444.00 household income with an average household size of 2.57. The average commute time in Bonner, MT is 38.7 minutes.

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Bonner does not currently have any local alcohol and drug rehab centers. However we can show you the ones closest to Bonner, MT.

The closest inpatient rehab center is in Missoula.

Providence St. Patrick Hospital

902 North Orange Street
Missoula, MT, 59802
This center provides inpatient treatment services

The closest outpatient treatment center is in Missoula, MT.

3 Rivers Mental Health Solutions

715 Kensington Avenue
Missoula, MT, 59801
This facility provides outpatient treatment services

The closest alcohol and drug detox is in Butte.

Montana Chemical Dependency Center

525 East Mercury Street
Butte, MT, 59701
This center provides detoxification services
Montana Addiction Crisis Hotline